Pine Trail Shores Owners Association

The Architectural Control Committee (ACC) consists of three members appointed by the board, pursuant to the By-Laws, or, at the Board's option, the board may act as the ACC.  There are currently two members on the ACC Committee, and there is one vacancy.  If you are interested in becoming a member of the ACC Committee, please contact any Board member.

Currently, the Board of Directors is serving as the Architectural Committee until further notice.  If you are interested in serving, please contact a Board Member.

If you are planning on making some improvements to your property, as set forth in the Subdivision Deed Restrictions, you must get approval from the Architectural Committee. Please click on the button below, download the form, complete, and turn it in to Bob Barns . You can also mail the form to:

Pine Trail Owners Association

PO Box 266

Flint, TX 75762.

Architectural Committee