Pine Trail Shores Owners Association


Annual Meeting 09/30/2018

  • Call to order

            Bob Barnes called meeting to order at 10am

            Roll Call
            All board members were present

  • Minutes from last meeting

           Pam Phillips read the minutes from the July 2018 meeting.

           Paul Wright made motion to accept Greg Phillips 2nd the motion, motion carried

  • Treasurer’s Report

           Ruthi Sauer gave the annual treasurers report.

           Paul Wright made motion to accept, Bill Watts 2nd the motion, motion carried

  • Architectural Committee Report

          Jerry Pleasant gave the architectural report:

  1. Reported that the Rebecca Shears problem was solved, repairs and upgrade of the mobile home on Eastern Hills is coming along nicely.
  2. Smith county is working on the run down abandoned property and making progress there.

             Bob asked for people to let us know if they see houses or buildings being moved in

  •  Old Business

            No old business

  • New Business
  1. Suggestion was made about putting PTS treasurers report on the website, board will discuss it.
  2. Votes were cast (via paper ballots) for 2018/2019 Board of Directors. Paul Wright and Michael Gillian counted the votes. Results of voting were: President Bob Barnes, Vice President Greg Phillips, Treasurer Ruthi Sauer, Secretary Pam Phillips
  3. Garage sale will be October 13 2018. Halloween party will be October 27th 2018 at the clubhouse.
  4. Had 3 people adopt guard lights on Pine Trail Rd (entrance road to subdivision)
  • Open Floor Discussions:
  1. Suggestion was made to have quarterly meetings rather than monthly. After discussion of the pros and cons,  Bill Watts made a motion to have meetings every other month, Mike Hudson 2nd the motion, motion carried.
  2. Bill Watts made a motion to not put PTS financials on the website, Paul Wright 2nd the motion, motion carried.

  • Ronnie Cullins and Benita Wright won the meeting gift baskets

 Lana Barnes made a motion to adjourn meeting, Paul Wright 2nd the motion, motion carried. Bob Barnes adjourn the meeting at 11:15. Next meeting will be held on Saturday November 10th at 10:00 AM