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Pine Trail Shores Owners Association

 A members club has been established In accordance to the Articles of Incorporation, Article four, item one which states:

"The purposes for which the corporation is organized are:

To maintain and operate a private club, not in fact open to the public, to be a social organization composed of members of good moral character, reputation and habits, to support and establish a club establishment with the power to acquire, own, operate, manage, lease, sell, convey and otherwise dispose of all property, real and persona, incident to operations, including a recreational area for members."

The name of the private club is Pine Trail Members Association.  As stated in the Pine Trail Owners Association By-Laws:

"Each owner of one or more lots in the Pine Trail Shores subdivision and each purchaser under a contract to purchase one or more lots who is of good moral character, reputation and habits and who is approved for membership by the membership committee of Pine Trail Owners Association is eligible for membership."

To become a member you must complete a membership application and turn it in to the Board of Directors. The annual membership dues are $50.00 per family. Please click on the button below and download the membership application.