Now that tensions have eased a bit, people are starting to get out more and businesses are starting to reopen, Pine Trail Owners Association has resumed having meetings on a bi-monthly basis. Our last meeting was held on May 9, 2020. We had a light turnout as many have not ventured out, especially where there are more than just a few people. 

As we have our meetings, we will continue to practice safe distancing to protect all concerned. Our next meeting is scheduled for Saturday July 11th. 

Some of the changes that have occurred over the past several months are:

  • We have a new Vice President, Charles Johnson
  • We purchased some very nice second hand chairs and a conference table for the clubhouse.
  • Currently, our Association president, Bob Barnes is getting information and bids on replacing the roof on the clubhouse as it is in dire need of help!

​We were unable to have the annual cleanup day at the clubhouse grounds, the Easter Egg Hunt and the Bake Sale due to meeting restrictions. 

Our Association Secretary, Christy White has been spending her "alone time" working in the office in the clubhouse. Christy has done an amazing job of cleaning and organizing everything! A big, big thank you to Christy!

We are looking forward to getting back on track and accomplishing great things for our community! There will be a garage sale soon, as soon as we set a date it will be posted here. 

If anyone has any news to share or events coming up, please send an email to and we will post to the web site. 

As per our deed restrictions, the mandatory property assessments annually are:
1 lot    $18.00 per lot    Total $18.00
2 lots  $12.00 per lot    Total $24.00
3 lots   $12.00 per lot    Total $36.00
4 + lots $12.00 per lot    Total $48.00

(not to exceed a total of $48.00)


May 27, 2020

Pine Trail Shores Owners Association