Another year has come and gone, fiscal year 2018/2019 is ending on a positive note as we continue to accomplish more and complete goals as a community!

This year the Board has worked diligently with everyone in the subdivision on our “To-Do List” and has added more projects for the 2019/2020 fiscal year.  Our collection of property assessments and club memberships continue to improve and have been instrumental in completing our projects. We started out this past year with 3 goals on our black board.  (1) Obtain liability insurance; (2) Clean-up and repairs to the park/playground area (3) Repairs to boat docks.

  • Dock A Repairs: We were able to get some much-needed work done on the driveway and parking area at Dock A, having some asphalt put down.

  • Holiday Events: In the fall of 2018, there was a Halloween Party, in the winter, a Christmas Party, in the spring of 2019 an Easter Egg Hunt and a bake sale! All these special events were well attended, volunteers brought food and helped with decorating and entertainment.

  • Spring Cleanup:  In March, between all the rains and storms, we had a cleanup day at the clubhouse. Volunteers showed up to help rake, trim trees, burn leaves, pickup trash, and cleanup the park and outside the clubhouse area.

  • Bulk Trash Pickup:  With the help of  volunteers with trucks and trailers and extra time to give to our association, we collected over 9 tons of trash, broken-down appliances, televisions, furniture, etc.  That doesn’t include the pounds and pounds of electrical items that were removed which was not factored into the large dumpsters.  While we made another dent in our neighborhood from years of accumulation, we realize there is still more to be done.  We would like for this to become an annual event, however the cost involved may prohibit this.  Thanks to everyone who volunteered their time to help with this project.  And thank you, property owners, for participating in our efforts.

  • Playground Repairs: Once again our community volunteers came together to improve the subdivision! Repairs were made to the playground equipment; swings were repaired, the merry-go-round was painted, all other equipment on the playground was repaired and painted.

Thanks again to Paul Wright, Mike Hudson, Wayne Johnson, Bill Watts, Tom Corley, Pam Phillips, Jerry Pleasant, John Fields, Charles Johnson and the many others who volunteered their time and expertise to continue to improve our subdivision

Currently, your Board of Directors consists of:  Bob Barnes (President); Robert Rohde (Vice President); Ruthi Sauer (Treasurer); Christy White (Secretary); and Jerry Pleasant (Architectural Committee).  As we approach our new year, it is time to pay our annual assessments and our association membership dues.  For those of you that have not been association members, we encourage and welcome you to get involved in helping your association.  It is also time to add some new board members.

The position of 2nd Vice-President open. We are seeking nominations for this position.

The current board members have committed for another year.

If anyone has any news to share or events coming up, please send an email to and we will post to the web site. 

As per our deed restrictions, the mandatory property assessments annually are:
1 lot    $18.00 per lot    Total $18.00
2 lots  $12.00 per lot    Total $24.00
3 lots   $12.00 per lot    Total $36.00
4 + lots $12.00 per lot    Total $48.00

(not to exceed a total of $48.00)



August 2019

Pine Trail Shores Owners Association