We hope all is well with everyone! This has indeed been a very difficult year to say the least. However your Board of Directors has been busy this summer making some much needed improvements in our subdivision. Some of the updates and improvements cannot be seen, but others can! Most of the updates and improvements have been funded by generous donations from property owners in our subdivision for which we are very grateful. 

Just to mention a few improvements:

  • New section signs have been installed. Kudos to board president Bob Barnes and vice president Charles Johnson for getting these much needed signs installed.
  • The inside of the clubhouse has been cleaned (mainly the carpet)
  • The office in the clubhouse has been cleaned and all the "junk" that was in there has been disposed of. Thanks to our secretary Christy White for getting this task done!
  • The old metal folding chairs have been replaced with "gently used" second hand chairs. Appreciation to Bill Watts and Bob Barnes for finding these and hauling them to the clubhouse.  Thanks to Bob Barnes, Bill Watts, Christy White, and Charles Johnson for selling the excess chairs. The money helped pay for the chairs and conference table. 
  • The old, dilapidated conference has been replaced with a new (used) conference table 
  • The falling apart blinds have been replaced with new curtains. The new curtains were made (and donated 1/2 the material) by one of our subdivision residents so we only had to pay 1/2 the cost of just the material.

​Our annual Association meeting is scheduled for Saturday September 25th, providing it is safe to have it. 

​Invoices for the 2020/2021 fiscal year will be mailed before the end of August. Assessments are due on September 30, 2020. The assessments are billed annually as follows:

  • 1 Lot     $18.00
  • 2 Lots   $24.00
  • 3 Lots   $36.00
  • 4+ Lots $48.00

If anyone has any news to share or events coming up, please send an email to treasurer@pinetrailshoresflint.org and we will post to the web site. 

Windows before new curtains

As per our deed restrictions, the mandatory property assessments annually are:
1 lot    $18.00 per lot    Total $18.00
2 lots  $12.00 per lot    Total $24.00
3 lots   $12.00 per lot    Total $36.00
4 + lots $12.00 per lot    Total $48.00

(not to exceed a total of $48.00)


July 29, 2020

New Curtains

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